mercoledì 9 marzo 2011


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Informazioni personali

Le mie foto
Until 2000 I worked in the management of Enterprise Communication, first in the Region of Veneto (Padua) and then in Romagna (Rimini). Left my professional activity, I attended to the study of photography, for which, already in the early 70’s, I deserved alluring acknowledgments (Padua ,1974,75,76). Today, after a useful as well maturing artistic formation, I devotes myself full-time to my work of research in the photographic field. 1972 – Degree in History of Art, Urbino University (“Art and Communication”); 1983- Degree in Sociological Sciences, Urbino University (“Photography and Society”); 2008 – Degree in Photography, Multimedia Project, AABB, Urbino (“Blast, Materials for Aesthetics of Ruins”)